Thursday, May 26, 2011

wednesday wants #01

blogger, (or at least my computer) seemed to be down yesterday, so a post that i was originally going to be on wednesday now has to be today. thursday wants, however, doesnt seem to have the same flair so i've decide to keep the title the same. i'm going to france tomorow with my friend yasmin, so i'm completly in the holiday mood, and have a seriously long wish list that would have me sorted.. if only i had a job to pay for it.

Topshop, tyedie shorts, so cute.. i want to buy these so i can wear them at jersey live. £28

Teeshirt from All Saints, i can see this with demin shorts, for the beach.  £45

i thought chinos were only for boy untill i decided i wanted a pair. Jack Wills. £68

100% wants from H&M, can definatly imagine walking round a festival
in these, and at £17.99 for the shoes and £2.99 for the headband, its a bargin.
this maps bikeni from urban outfitters is pure genious, but at £58 pounds
i think i'll have to find a cheaper version

such beautiful things. if only...

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