Tuesday, June 28, 2011

summer playlist

les than TWO weeks untill long, hot days, lazy evenings, blurry parties and sandy beds return to us, and so as with anything, we need a playlist to go with it.
.. listen, enjoy xxxx

Saturday, June 25, 2011


update: died my hair again, dark this time. was getting a bit sick of roots and so opted for a colour that makes me look much older aqnd makes my eyes stand out more.
did a spot of macaroon-making this morning, turned out soso fabulous on the third try, from now on though I'll stick to buying from the most perfect little french coffee shop, Coco Rico, as 90pence is not a lot pay for such a lot of lovely.
Another exciting thing going on, reading OK magazine the other day (not really my thing but it worked for the hairdressers) M.I.C's Spencer has been spotted, and is apparently dating, with Topshop hieress Chloe Green, how exciting.
Finally, I am thinking of doing some blogging 'interviews'. What do you think? XXX

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


a rare 'beauty' post from me, as there's some really cute things going round at the minute.
Nails are on my mind at the moment, because after managing to get them beautiful and long, in the run up to a particularly nerve-wracking exam i bit them all off. disgusting i know, so i'm planning to get a few gorgeous colours, paint my nails and let them grow again.
'Big Smoke', by TOPSHOP, love this because i can wear it at school without being in trouble. though it does take ages to dry. £5
'Porchester Place', Nails inc. lovely summery colour, would make hands look tanned, i have  'caramel' and is the best nail polish i've possibly ever used. £11

Such a crappy picture, such a nice colour, 'Cyan Blue', barry m, brilliant nail polish, tried and tested. £2.99, ridiculously cheap


so just a catch up, not blogged for a while for numerous reasons, so i thought maybe it would be time for a little post.
obsession at the moment is Ben Howard (still) and i am so, so looking forward to seeing him this summer at grassroots, so thought i would treat you all with a little verse that's the most beautiful thing on my mind right now:

when love once told me
from disaster, we can always learn
and in those hazy hours, my mother would sit me down
said don't depend on tomorrow,
cause tomorrow can sometimes let you down.
oh are you ready, are you ready for this?
are you ready, are you ready for it all,
are you ready for the changes?

one of my many many favorite parts of that wonderful wonderful song XX

Monday, June 06, 2011


hallo bloggers, i've been bad, not posting for a week but i have been on a lovely sunny holiday to france. it was a good week, and i'm espeacilly pleased to come back, finally matching the too-dark-for-me foundation i bought from dior for a ridiculous price.
so. some good news! my brother is playing Glastonbury! this is a massive deal for him so well done well done well done to him, please check him out or if you are lucky enough to have a ticket it would be fabulous if you could give your support. its (as you may be aware) a rather big gig.

i spent all that i had in H&M in the beautiful city of Rennes, so i am definatly thinking of doing some sort of post about my new wares, i think iff you are interested. but i am camera-less so that may be difficult. i have a few current obsessions, one of them being wanting a small tattoo after i met a friend with many of them, here are a few of my favourties that i have found. maybe when i'm sixteen.
this is so beautiful. i want it a lot tiny-er, on my wrist

more a pretty picture than a pretty tattoo i think

i'll have to give it a think.. not sure giving my dad a heart attack at his age is healthy. i have a few other favourite things, one of them being the renault clio advert, which i think is ridiculously good and makes me want this car. 

and another favourite thing being the knowledge that once i get through these horrendous coming exams, summer and stresslessness will soon be upon us and knowing every teenager in the country is feeling the same. also made in chelsea is on.

night all XX