Sunday, May 08, 2011

Hair obsessions

being ridiculously bored, and in desperate need of a hair change i think i'm going to go "ombre", or dip dye my hair.

i need a change with out chopping all my hair off, which i once did and practicably ruined my life and my hair has taken forever to get to a reasonable length, so i'm refusing to cut it again. i love this pink dip dye and can't wait for the summer holidays to get this straight in, but maybe in lilac or blue, and it would be a perfect accessory for the festival season.

This is the style i'm feeling until summer comes and my school won't hate me for it.


  1. Hello fran!
    great hair plan! i look forward to seeing it! i am really feeling the lilac, but i think i would look a twat with it. You how ever would suit it perfectly! Great blog XX

  2. Its so addictive, I so want my blue hair back. I feel so boring now i've got it out for school. Cute blog. x

  3. thanks ruby, yeah lilac for sure is happening in the summer, don't know how it will look but will give it a gooooxxx

    and sydney your blue looked ridiculously good, get it back! X