Sunday, May 22, 2011


hallo all, sorry for being such a rubbish blogger over this weekend, i've been ridiculously busy avoiding revision in any way possible. i have a few things to tell you about, firstly is that i've done what i've been promising to do and have dip-dyed my hair! well, i say dip-dyed, i've gone blond and left a massive amount of roots dark. i'm only on the first stage so it will go blonder when i next die it, and hopefully with the sun. Such a rubbish photo, maybe you will get the idea.

So yes, i'm rather liking my hair at the moment. another thing i'm rather liking is, a fellow bloggers website that sells the prettiest little trinkets, that i definatly have my eye on. my favorite is the Tibetan silver necklace, so cute and summery.

Another of my current obsessions is E4's 'made in chelsea'. i'm shamefully addicted, and my new absolute style icon is caggie, who i aspire to be.. not much of a chance of living her lifestyle though, might have to marry rich.

So, there we had it. happy sunday readersxxx


  1. W.W.C.D- what would Caggie do?

  2. W.W.C.D- this is what i'm going to begin to live by.