Thursday, May 26, 2011

wednesday wants #01

blogger, (or at least my computer) seemed to be down yesterday, so a post that i was originally going to be on wednesday now has to be today. thursday wants, however, doesnt seem to have the same flair so i've decide to keep the title the same. i'm going to france tomorow with my friend yasmin, so i'm completly in the holiday mood, and have a seriously long wish list that would have me sorted.. if only i had a job to pay for it.

Topshop, tyedie shorts, so cute.. i want to buy these so i can wear them at jersey live. £28

Teeshirt from All Saints, i can see this with demin shorts, for the beach.  £45

i thought chinos were only for boy untill i decided i wanted a pair. Jack Wills. £68

100% wants from H&M, can definatly imagine walking round a festival
in these, and at £17.99 for the shoes and £2.99 for the headband, its a bargin.
this maps bikeni from urban outfitters is pure genious, but at £58 pounds
i think i'll have to find a cheaper version

such beautiful things. if only...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

some summer

although it wasn't perfect weather, jersey gave me a perfect weekend. St ouens beach on a saturday night, is the most beautiful thing ever, and remembering it is making me super happy.

was so depressed i didnt have wetsuit etc, as would have loved to have gone for an (attempted) surf, but tide was off anyway.. maybe next time.
Such a cheesy camera photo, but my first photo of summer all the same

Just friends.
Proud to say i live here.
jersey nights never fail to be something special, as you can see.


hallo all, sorry for being such a rubbish blogger over this weekend, i've been ridiculously busy avoiding revision in any way possible. i have a few things to tell you about, firstly is that i've done what i've been promising to do and have dip-dyed my hair! well, i say dip-dyed, i've gone blond and left a massive amount of roots dark. i'm only on the first stage so it will go blonder when i next die it, and hopefully with the sun. Such a rubbish photo, maybe you will get the idea.

So yes, i'm rather liking my hair at the moment. another thing i'm rather liking is, a fellow bloggers website that sells the prettiest little trinkets, that i definatly have my eye on. my favorite is the Tibetan silver necklace, so cute and summery.

Another of my current obsessions is E4's 'made in chelsea'. i'm shamefully addicted, and my new absolute style icon is caggie, who i aspire to be.. not much of a chance of living her lifestyle though, might have to marry rich.

So, there we had it. happy sunday readersxxx

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


pardon the ridiculously bad pun. i thought i'd take a minute out of work to let you know about the most beautiful person in fashion right now, and the person i'd most like to be in the whole world, Arizona Muse.
After getting spotted in 2008, and then taking a year out when she got pregnant and had a son, the girl with 'the' name and 'the' eyebrows from New Mexico has now re-exploded onto the catwalk scene for Paris Fashion week and has been on the cover of practicly every country's vogue you could possibly name. 

so bloody beautiful. what do you think? 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

oh eyes like wild flowers, with your demons of change.

annual midnight walk time here in jersey, once again was fabulous, seeing every one dressed up was so good! the route is from st aubins into the east side of town and then back again. it comes to about 10 miles and there were about 30 of us friends who did it, among the couple of hundred who were raising money for hospice care.

walking on the beach at 2.30 in the morning. standard.

waiting at the finish line for our medals. half 3.
So after a shuttle bus back home at about 4 in the morning full of drunks, and falling into bed at 5 this morning, to be woken up at 8, i'm in dire need of sleep. sorry for such a short and rubbish post but will update when im in a less zombielike state. 

also, have a listen.. so beautiful.XXXX

Friday, May 13, 2011


after a week, fully back in the swing of school, etc. seems so long ago i was in Brighton, but was actually only a couple of weekends ago, and it's scaring me how fast this week/month/year is going.
Feeling right at home with a sea view from the pier.

Couldn't resist a tourist shot with max.

The pier, so lovely.

A cheeky trip to Hummingbird whilst in london. divine as expected.

brighton, is my new favorite place. the shopping is incredible, especially in the north laines where one off trinket, hippy, indian, vintage and antique shops are the complete norm, so, sosososo beautiful.
don't let time fly by too quickly, i'm going to try and go slower, as last time i checked it was some point in november, and now its may.. so scary

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


not too sure on this idea about giveaways, and will not be doing one for a while as i am skint and don't have enough followers YET. my fabulous blogging friend Ruby, however, feels she has reached enough followers to warrant for one. You will win a mac lipstick of your choice, and a Jacks Wills bracelet. do check out her lovely blog.       

we got nothing left on which we depend

its only tuesday, and this week seems to be going so slow and stressful. I'm missing the days that i took for granted, with no school-work load, and free entries into festivals. This was my favourite ever set and will treasure the memory forever, 10 years old.

defiantly cannot wait for memories like these to be remade during the summer, although i've not managed to get tickets to glastonbury or reading, i'm still managing to get to jerseys answer to festivals, the beautiful grassroots eco festival, which will see the likes of ben howard, arrested development and seasick steve, and jersey live, where acts confirmed so far are cage the elephant, plan b, ed sheeran, wretch 32, katy b and one for the oldies, madness. I'm also trying to get myself to hop farm festival with my friend Susie, which gives us another chance to see the beautiful ben howard again, along with death cab for cutie, eagles, morrisy, iggy and the stooges, noisettes among others. it's going to be a goooooood summer.

Jersey Live 2010

Crowds at Grassroots.


biffy clyro, JL 2010

Jersey Live.

the weathers looking up, and this weekend i will be dressing up for the jersey midnight walk and attending a beach party, my favourite things to do. i'll keep you posted. wow. jersey sure seems like a busy little place. i'm going to love you and leave you with something i love, do enjoy.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

summer face plans.

just a quick'n. i will most defiantly be recreating this look for summer, a perfect perfect perfect compromise between wearing too much and too little make up. i'll try anyway.
Karen Walker S/S 2011
Having a wonderful weekend so far. With revision piling up by the side of my bed I've done everything i could to stop myself from doing it, by baking and blogging yesterday, and as my parents are away, having a gathering last night. The sun is out, and the third evening of this wonderful wonderful weekend will be spent at the on the beach Thai shack, with a best friend listening to songs like these.

enjoy yourselves.

Hair obsessions

being ridiculously bored, and in desperate need of a hair change i think i'm going to go "ombre", or dip dye my hair.

i need a change with out chopping all my hair off, which i once did and practicably ruined my life and my hair has taken forever to get to a reasonable length, so i'm refusing to cut it again. i love this pink dip dye and can't wait for the summer holidays to get this straight in, but maybe in lilac or blue, and it would be a perfect accessory for the festival season.

This is the style i'm feeling until summer comes and my school won't hate me for it.

Saturday, May 07, 2011


though last weekend was hottest on record for april, this weekend i'm feeling rather chilly. these kind of skies, though they hardly call for sunbathing, do make me reach for my camera and head to one of the many perfect seafronts here where i live. "here's a few i made earlier".
an especially grey day at st aubins.
a bit of color can't hurt.

trying to keep this post short and sweet, so before i say goodbye, put this on, close your eyes and have a listen. xxxx

fellow blogs-people.

first post on my new blog, hello boys and girls.
a cheesy introduction, but just a little bit about me.
in summer my summery mood cannot be swayed but anything, except the film Love Actually, which makes me yearn for slushy jersey snow, a cup of tea, a blanket and a good cry at the end.
photography, no matter how bad, is my favorite thing. nothing can capture memories like it.
this isnt my first blog, i used to do a blog with my friend susie, until i gave up on it. she stuck to it and now has a brilliant blog, do check it out.

keep on reading,
Francesca X