Monday, November 21, 2011

Being the proud owner of a brand new shiny black Vespa, I currently obsessed with all things scoot. So whilst being off school and recovering from an extremely dodgy fall on the said Vespa, and having the time for once, I thought I'd share a Vogue shoot that made me ridiculously happy. Shot in my favorite place, Brighton, the pictures capture a beautiful scooter sexy retro kind of vibe, which is a vibe that I must work on whilst riding. Please let me excuse myself for being such a bad blogger, recently I have been extremely busy with school stuff and life stuff and I seem to have forgotten about my wonderful readers. Lots of love xxx 


  1. You are...stunning. I looked through your blog, and you're so gorgeous. I can't help but think you would love having a Tumblr - much easier way to post photos and such. But wow, I'm loving your blog!

  2. you´re doing a great job with your blog! keep going please, i´ll follow you :-)

    love, hristina

  3. thank you all! and Sarah, will definitely look into Tumblr, it's not something i know much about XX