Saturday, June 25, 2011


update: died my hair again, dark this time. was getting a bit sick of roots and so opted for a colour that makes me look much older aqnd makes my eyes stand out more.
did a spot of macaroon-making this morning, turned out soso fabulous on the third try, from now on though I'll stick to buying from the most perfect little french coffee shop, Coco Rico, as 90pence is not a lot pay for such a lot of lovely.
Another exciting thing going on, reading OK magazine the other day (not really my thing but it worked for the hairdressers) M.I.C's Spencer has been spotted, and is apparently dating, with Topshop hieress Chloe Green, how exciting.
Finally, I am thinking of doing some blogging 'interviews'. What do you think? XXX

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  1. Hi amazing blog! Very original :) and I swear Chloe Green is dating Ollie Locke? Kisses