Tuesday, June 21, 2011


a rare 'beauty' post from me, as there's some really cute things going round at the minute.
Nails are on my mind at the moment, because after managing to get them beautiful and long, in the run up to a particularly nerve-wracking exam i bit them all off. disgusting i know, so i'm planning to get a few gorgeous colours, paint my nails and let them grow again.
'Big Smoke', by TOPSHOP, love this because i can wear it at school without being in trouble. though it does take ages to dry. £5
'Porchester Place', Nails inc. lovely summery colour, would make hands look tanned, i have  'caramel' and is the best nail polish i've possibly ever used. £11

Such a crappy picture, such a nice colour, 'Cyan Blue', barry m, brilliant nail polish, tried and tested. £2.99, ridiculously cheap