Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Saturday, 23 July, in a kind of secret little field in St Ouens bay, Jersey saw Seasick Steve, Arrested Development, Ben Howard and many, many more grace the stage at Grassroots, "Your Boutique Summer Festival with Soul". It completly lived up to its highhighhigh expectations and was litrally the most perfect day any one could have imagined, full of wonderful music, people, sites and even sunshine. One of the highlights of my day must have been seeing ben howard, who was on quite early and really set the standard, as he was pure magic and later i almost cried when i met him and got his autograph. what a great guy.
"girls" at grassroots.

Ben Howard, the loveliest moment.

just chilling

poor veiw. Seasick Steve

"For Francesca" Bens autograph
So, it was, in my books one of the most beautiful days, and an incredible start to the summer. i'm already sooo excited for next year, and hoping it will be as good. if you haven't managed to ever get down, i urge  you to go next time, it was pure gorgeous, and now we have the rest of the summer to look forward to.xxxx


  1. Thanks for commenting and following my blog! Its kind of weird that you too love Ben Howard, isn't he just amazing?!?! I met him for the second time in June at a festival near where I live, called Goldcoast Oceanfest in croyde. Looks like you had a lot of fun :) And I really like your blog too, definitely worthy of following x

  2. thank you! yes ben howard is indeed amazing, i'm off to see him in september in Leeds, meeting hjim made my life! XXX